Because the only constant is change...

I wasn't always the content person that I am now.

Throughout my life, I had bouts of anxiety, insomnia and even depression when I was 19 years young.

I wish I knew then what I know now, as I always thought yoga wasn’t for me.
I was 33 the first time I stepped onto a mat, a stressed-out mum of 2, working full-time as a project manager in the life science industry, and travelling all over Europe.

Today, having left the corporate world behind, I marry my love for science with my knowledge and understanding of yoga and heart coherence techniques.

My superpower? Being able to take people from zero, to zen.

I'm Virginie, and I'm going to help you do just that.

I help the overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted overcome their struggles with an unruly mind, aching and fatigued body, using yoga and heart coherence techniques backed by science.

Even if they have never stepped foot onto a mat, think this isn't for them and are totally skeptical about the results.
I believe nature gave us all we need.

I believe we can improve our health and wellbeing in a holistic, natural way and that today's science backs up ancient yogic tools as well as providing us with effective new ones.

I went from being completely overwhelmed, waking up in the middle of the night in a panic about an email I didn’t send, to losing it with my kids, feeling horrible guilt, sore back and all, to being content and in perfect balance mentally and physically.

And I know you can too.

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Virginie Ferguson

Founder, Clan Wellness and Wellness Offshore

HeartMath™ coach

Level 3 Diploma in Yoga

300h Advanced YTT Yoga Alliance

Certification “Yoga & Kids” Yoga Alliance International

Wellness Offshore was born out of conversations

with friends in the Oil and Gas industry in the North of Scotland, and other guys and gals working on platforms and the seas across the world.

Sharing their stories, talking about wellbeing, it was obvious something needed to be done.

With my knowledge and experience, I can make a difference,
so this is exactly what I set out to do with programs uniquely created to support you throughout your onshore/offshore life.

You want to feel in control of the way you feel.

You want to not feel frustrated when the shifts or the date you're due off change.

You want to sleep well, so you're focused and keeping everyone safe.

You want to fight off stress, anxiety, frustration and depression.